In the past few years there has been increasing recognition of Developmental Coordination Disorder. Developmental Coordination Disorder is the medically preferred term for this condition but it is also widely known as Dyspraxia. It is an internationally accepted statistic that up to 6% of children suffer from Dyspraxia/DCD.

Children and adolescents with Dyspraxia/DCD can feel as if they have a mountain to climb each and every day of their lives. School can be draining and sometimes demoralising, social interaction may be fraught with difficulties and self esteem can take a battering on a regular basis. As concerned parents and professionals it is our duty to support these young people through their most challenging years, those of childhood and adolescence. With good support in place the prognosis is bright. Many adults with Dyspraxia/DCD participate fully in society, have meaningful careers and successful relationships.

Our main focus, as the Dyspraxia/DCD Association, are the families of children or adolescents who are living with Dyspraxia/DCD. We also welcome visitors from anyone who has an interest in the condition. We have forged national links with educators, health professionals and others interested in Dyspraxia/DCD. We are happy to work with any group or professional who shares our aims.

We are a parent to parent, information sharing and pooling network. We hope that our downloads will be of use to you and we offer them freely.



To provide support and advocacy for children, adolescents and families affected by Dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder whilst raising awareness of the condition in the wider community




Although great care has been taken in the compilation of the information contained in this website to ensure accuracy, the Dyspraxia/DCD Association cannot accept responsibility for any mistakes. Any medical information is provided for education and information purposes only. Anybody with concerns about a child, an adolescent or an adult should seek a full medical diagnosis from medical professionals.